Features & Benefits

  • Convenient Strip Format  - The LipidPlus® System uses a test strip to rapidly measure total cholesterol, triglycerides or glucose. Test strips conveniently use capillary whole blood.
  • Room Temperature Storage - LipidPlus® test strips do not require refrigeration. Costs for storage and transportation are therefore significantly reduced. Unlike other products, there is no waiting time required to bring reagents to room temperature prior to testing.
  • Easy To Use with Rapid Results in Just 2 Minutes - Rapid results allow for immediate counseling and treatment intervention. This eliminates the need to send out patient blood samples and wait for lab results, as in conventional laboratory testing for total cholesterol or triglycerides.
  • Small Sample Size  - The LipidPlus® System requires only a small blood sample, which assists patient comfort.
  • Automatic Code Recognition by RFID-tag and Color-tag - The LipidPlus® has two coding systems:
  1. Total Cholesterol or Triglycerides Test - each vial of test strips has a RFID-tag, which enables the meter to recognize its code number automatically. The code selects for the correct calibration curve, test sequence and measurement range for the test. Unlike other products, there is no need to change calibration chips with each lot of reagent​
  2. Glucose test - each test strip has a color-tag on the back of the strip which enables the meter to recognize its code number automatically.
  • System Includes Analyzer and Optional Printer - An optional printer is available to automatically print your patient's test results. The small, portable, battery operated analyzer can store up to 200 individual test results, which can be retrieved and printed at a later time.

Ordering Information

Catalog Number Description Units of Measurements
MD550 The LipidPlus® Total Cholesterol and Glucose Measuring System 1, Includes operation manual, storage case and two AAA bateries
MD551 LipidPlus® Printer 1, Includes interface cable
MD5810 LipidPlus® Thermal Paper Rolls 10 Rolls per box
MD5815 LipidPlus® Adhesive Paper Rolls 10 Rolls per box
MD554 LipidPlus® Computer Interface Cable 1
MD512 LipidPlus® Single Capillary Rods 10 Capillary rods per bag

Product Documentation

Training Videos

  • LipidPlus Full Training Video
    LipidPlus Full Training Video
  • System Overview and Setup
    System Overview and Setup
  • Blood Collection and Running the Test
    Blood Collection and Running the Test
  • Glucose Testing
    Glucose Testing
  • Quality Control
    Quality Control