Features & Benefits

  • Non-Touch Operation - Strip analysis begins automatically when placed on instrument. No further input or action is needed.
  • 128 x 128 Pixel Graphic Display Results for all 10 parameters are clearly and conveniently displayed on one screen. Abnormal results are clearly marked.
  • Touch-Screen - Easy to use touch screen operation. All functions can easily be accessed with a touch of the screen. An optional external keyboard can be connected to allow convenient input of patient names.
  • Interface Options -The instrument includes both USB and RS232 interfaces. It can easily be connected to existing Laboratory Information Systems and also to PCs using Accustrip URS Result Control Software.
  • Small Footprint Small footprint of only 8" (D) x 6" (W) x 3" (H) enhances portability of device. Combined with option for battery operation, this is the ideal instrument for near-patient testing.
  • Both Power Battery and External Power Options  -The instrument can be powered using a 110/240V autoswith mains adaptor. Optional battery operation allows the instrument to be used wherever it is needed
  • Memory for 200 Measurements - Up to 200 measurements can be restored in reader. Using internal software functions, positive readings can be filtered and easily identified, enabling further diagnosis and intervention, when necessary.

Ordering Information

Catalog Number Description Units of Measurements
UA850 Accustrip URS Reader 1 Reader, including operator Manual and 110-120 volt AC power adaptor

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